Our Core Values

To educate, train and prepare a new generation of scientists who can compete on the global stage and be bold enough to apply their knowledge, skills and ingenuity to develop Africa’s bioeconomy.

To inspire and encourage young students and aspiring scientists in sub-Saharan Africa to pursue advanced degrees and careers in biosciences. This will help build a strong workforce that can make scientific advances that will improve millions of lives in the continent..

To empower Africa’s present and future scientists and industry leaders to be involved in and/or influence policy decisions that support research and development across all sectors in the continent, so as to increase the chances of solving Africa’s greatest socio-economic problems.

To innovate and create an effective bioscience teaching and learning model that tertiary education institutions in Africa can incorporate in order to transform Africa’s bioscience education into a more productive, reliable and competitive system that provides students and research staff 21st century skills they need to compete in the global economy.

To collaborate with universities, governments, NGOs and development partners around the world to provide adequate resources for strengthening bioscience research and education, training, teacher and research career development, and capacity building for Africa’s sustainable development. 

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