Our Programs

Bioscience Laboratory


The bioscience laboratory training program is a flagship initiative of JR Biotek Foundation. The training program aims to provide advanced undergraduate and postgraduate-level students, university-level teachers and scientists in Africa with practical experience and skills needed to improve the quality of their research. Skills provided also helps to lead them to new high-impact research investigations that are relevant to solving Africa’s agricultural, health care and environmental challenges.

Research Career Development Program

program 2

We provide career-development workshops and opportunities for postgraduate students and early-career research professionals in Africa to enable them acquire knowledge and transferable skills that will contribute to their personal and research career development.

Science Policy


Our science policy training program is primarily designed for scientists in Africa who are interested in developing the skills needed to bridge the gaps between policy and scientific research in the continent. We partner with world renowned institutions to develop and offer science policy training workshops aimed to provide the right skills needed to understand science and technology trends, analyze and influence policy development, and identify key science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-based education and research opportunities that will foster innovation in the continent.

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