Past Programs and Testimonial

Past Programs

Biotech Lab Training in Nigeria

In 2014, JR Biotek partnered with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA in Ibadan, Nigeria to hold a successful hands-on biotech lab training workshop for postgraduate students and researchers across six countries in Africa


  • Catherine Danmaigona, Nigeria

    I was one of the participants at the first JR Biotek training held at IITA, Ibadan, Nigeria. I was deeply imparted by the training JR Biotek provided us in Nigeria. The training helped me bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge of basic molecular techniques and how I can apply these techniques in my research and in the field of plant breeding in later times. The training also gave me an opportunity to meet and network with established and young scientists from the biomedical and the agricultural field from different regions of Africa. The gross lack and deficiency of hands on training in biotechnology was clearly evident as a lot of the participants were being exposed for the first time to the very basics of biotechnology.

  • Kafayat, Ministry of Health

    I enjoyed every bit of my time spent during the workshop. I look forward to doing more on biotechnology.

  • Dr. Tumuhairwe, Lecturer/Researcher in Plant Breeding

    I wish to reiterate my gratitude to you for the skills imparted to us. As a lecturer, I learnt how different I can handle my students to creatively impart rather difficult skills.

  • Fatima, Zaria, Nigeria

    My participation at your training programme was really educative, and without doubt, I was able to bridge the gap between my theoretical and practical knowledge of basic molecular techniques. I have since then started applying what I learnt and I was even able to contribute positively in a seminar I attended last week where the speaker was presenting a research proposal on "molecular detection of banana mosaic virus...” Furthermore I would like to thank the JR BIOTEK team for been accommodating throughout my stay at IITA and also giving me the opportunity to meet very interesting, resourceful and accommodating participants at the training workshop

  • Dr. Nwaoguala, Benin, Nigeria.

    I wish to thank you very immensely for the World-Class Biotech Training which was a very successful outing. I was a major beneficiary of the event as it has opened a door that remained closed to me till the coming together of a number of enthusiastic women and men at IITA Ibadan and you were the Architect. As a teacher, the training has offered me the capacity to teach and train younger generations the principles of molecular biology and its applications in Genomics. I will always make the best use of all I gathered in the Training Programme.

  • Jacob, Ghana

    The training has generally increased my knowledge in molecular techniques, and I think I am almost comfortable to apply these techniques in my research work. Many thanks for making the past week an excellent and a memorable one. I wish you well in future training and I hope that someday we meet again.

  • Mirian, Umudike, Nigeria

    JR Biotek’s biotechnology training is an eye-opener. The training was intensive and I learnt a lot, and acquire practical skills on techniques that I had been hearing about, but did not know how they worked. I will recommend the training to all my colleagues and fellow graduate students

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