Who We Are

JR Biotek Foundation is a United States of America 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Organization established as an action-oriented entity to enhance scientific research and research-based education in sub-Saharan Africa. We seek to help countries in this region build the required human capacity for advancing scientific research and innovation so as to strengthen Africa’s bioeconomy and improve millions of lives in the continent. We provide world class bioscience education, scientific laboratory training and research career development opportunities for students, teachers and researchers in Universities and other tertiary education institutions in sub-Saharan Africa. We are driven by the belief that students, teachers and scientists in Africa can effectively compete on the global stage if given the right opportunities and adequate resources to harness their education, skills and ingenuity.

To provide bio-science students, teachers and researchers in Africa with practical knowledge and skills they need to triumph in today’s global skills race, thus enabling them to contribute to Africans sustainable development through application of modern scientific principles and bio-technologies that can improve agricultural productivity, human health, industrial development, economic competitiveness and environmental sustainability in the continent.

We partner with universities and research organisations in Africa and around the world to create and offer intensive laboratory training courses and workshops specially designed to provide our target beneficiaries in Africa with a solid foundation of practical skills. These skills will be immensely beneficial to the quality of their existing research and will help lead them to new high-impact research investigations that are relevant to solving Africa’s agricultural, health care and environmental challenges.

Africa is a continent endowed with abundant natural and human resources yet it is considered one of the poorest continents in the world. For decades, Africa has struggled to feed its rapidly growing population and to prevent disease outbreaks as seen in the recent Ebola crisis in 2014. Poverty in the continent continues to eat deeper into the fabrics of the society, transferring from generation to generation. At JR Biotek Foundation, we believe that scientific advancements through research can help Africa achieve sustainable development, but this will require adequate investments to boost scientific research and research-based education in the continent. We partner with African governments, NGOs and universities around the world to develop and offer quality bioscience education, training and capacity building programs designed to produce skilled scientists and bioscience industry leaders who can effectively tackle Africa’s agricultural, health care, environmental and socio-economic challenges.

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