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In September 2018, our Foundation collaborated with the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge to host a hands-on Plant Molecular Bio-Laboratory Training Workshop and the inaugural UK-Africa Food Security Symposium in Cambridge. The 10 days residential program provided 17 outstanding PhD scholars from six African nations (Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Benin Republic) with excellent knowledge, skills and hands-on experience on key aspects of bioinformatics and molecular biology lab techniques, which they can apply to advance their research at their home institutions. With generous support from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Plant Sciences, OpenPlant, Global Food Security, Bioscience Impact Team, and the Global Challenges Research Funds, 17 scholars were fully sponsored to participate in the world-class training program.

2018 cohort Hands-on plant molecular biology laboratory training held at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge in September 2018.