Welcome to JR Biotek Foundation

We are dedicated to building excellent scientific capacity by supporting Africa’s next generation of ag-scientists to drive breakthrough research and innovation aimed at ending hunger and malnutrition in African countries as soon as possible.

JR BioTek Vision

Our Vision

To unlock Africa’s potential to sustainably feed its rapidly growing population (and the rest of the world) by applying cutting-edge plant bio-technologies to develop resilient farmer and consumer-preferred crop varieties that are adaptable to the rapidly changing climate and agro-ecological systems.

Our Approach

We utilise a grassroot approach to bridge the scientific knowledge, skills and resource gaps that are hampering agricultural research and innovation, particularly in African universities where the next generation of scientists, innovations and leaders are produced.

JR BioTek Approach

Our Programs

R&T Program

Reach & Teach Science in Africa

A capacity building initiative equipping African ag-scientists with hands-on experience to advance crop science research for Africa’s sustainable development. 

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Bio-innovation for Africa Project Co-Creation

JR Bio-Venture Creation Project

Empowering African scientists to co-create concepts that deliver projects and initiatives aimed at solving some of the most pressing challenges faced on the continent.

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African Bioscience Mentoring Scheme

African PhD Scholars Mentoring Program

Providing high-quality mentoring to support high-achieving and highly motivated PhD students (crop agricultural research) in African universities.

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JR BioTek Alumni

JR Biotek Alumni Network

A powerful network of dedicated researchers based across 100+ research institutions in over 19 African countries. Our alumni are conducting important research aimed at bringing millions of Africans out of hunger and extreme poverty.

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Your Donations are Appreciated

Thank you for supporting our work and mission to train Africa’s present and future scientists and bioscience industry leaders. Your generous donation will help us to continue to provide high-quality bioscience education, crop research-based laboratory training and mentorship programs aimed at preparing Africa’s next generation of ag-scientists to contribute to food and nutrition security and climate change mitigation in African countries. We appreciate your generous donation.